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Inter School Declamation Contest In English And Hindi 4th March 2013 :

An Inter School Declamation Contest in English and Hindi was organized on 4th march 2013, in which four neighbouring schools participated. The various Schools that participated in the competition were S.D Memorial, Raina Academy, Jyoti Gurukul, Chenab Valley Public School and our Venus vidyalaya. Four students, two for English declamation and two for Hindi Declamation, from each school was invited. The topic for the contest was corruption. All the students were well prepared and threw light on the burning topic i.e Corruption. It was followed by the Prize distribution function. On the whole it was a highly informative programme.

Prize distribution by the worthy Principal Mr. A.B Sharma

Rally to the nearby villages taken out for Literacy :

The students of J.N.V Gharota took out a rally to the nearby villages, holding Placards and slogans to make the people aware about literacy. The students made the villagers aware that education knows no age. They can study at this age also. The students presented a skit “Fauji di family” in Govt. Higher Secondary School, highlighting the importance of education. The programme was appreciated by all and proved beneficial for all.

Inter House Declamation Competition In Hindi 27th Sep. 2012 :

An Inter-House Declamation Competition in Hindi was held on 27th September 2012. The topic for the competition was the importance of Hindi language. The students from Neighbouring Schools Govt. Higher secondary Gharota, Jyoti Public School, New Light Public School participated. Before the Commencement of the programme, students from nearby Schools were taught how to speak confidently. All the students were fully prepared and spoke with confidence and enthusiasm. There was a neck to neck fight among different schools. On the whole, it was a highly interesting programme. The students were given refreshment also.

Rally Taken Out Against Drug Abuse 20th Aug 2012 :

The students of J.N.V Gharota took out a rally on 20th August 2012 to the near by village, holding placards and raising slogan against Drug Addiction and made the people aware of the causes and prevention of Drug Addiction and suggested some ways to root out the abuse from the society.

Rally Taken Out Against AIDS 17th Aug 2012 :

The students of J.N.V Gharota took out a rally on 17th August 2012 to the neighbouring villages. The students raised slogans against AIDS. They made the villagers aware regarding AIDS. The Students highlighted the symptoms ,causes and prevention of the fatal disease. The villagers were highly impressed by the way students educate them.

Rally Taken Out Against Corruption 4th Aug 2012

A rally was taken out by the students of J.N.V Gharota to the adjoining villages on 4th August 2012. They raised slogan against Corruption and try to create awareness among the people to raise voice against Corruption and contribute in making the society serene and transparent. The people were made aware of the transparency, accountability, fair play and objectivity to be observed by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti.

Inter Schol Drawing and Slogan Writing competition 16th May 2012

An Inter School Drawing and Slogan writing competition was held on 16th of May 2012 in the academic block. Almost 20 students from neighbouring schools , New Light High School, Jyoti Gurukul, Govt. Higher Secondary, Govt. Girl Middle School and our venus vidyalaya participated. The topic for the competition is Global Warming. The students made beautiful paintings and wrote impressive slogans.

Inter House Calligraphy competition :

An Inter House Calligraphy competition for Jr. Students was held on 6th May. This competition was conducted in Hindi, English and Punjabi.

Inter House English Poem Recitation Competition (Jr.Students) :

An Inter-House English Poem Recitation Competition for Jr. Students was held on 11th May 2012. As the students of JNV Jammu-I are dotted with budding and talented singers, through this competition these singers got a chance to put their best foot forward. They recited the poems in such a way that it touched every body’s heart.

Inter House Hindi Declamation Contest :

A power of expression in a language is a matter of skill rather than that of knowledge. It is a power of skill that is achieved by exercise and not merely knowing meaning or rules. To develop the communication skill, Inter House Declamation Contest was held on 18.05. 2012. The students very confidently spoke on arious sensitive but interesting topics.

Inter Class Cleanliness Competition :

An Inter Class Cleanliness Competition was held on 14th of May, 8th August 3rd September, 1st October and 28the January2012-13. All the class teachers and students left no stone unturned in cleaning and decorating the classroom. All the classes prepared a display board and decorated the classes with flowers.

Inter House Hindi Poem Recitation Competition (Jr.Students) :

An Inter-House Hindi Poem Recitation Competition for Jr. Students was held on 25th May 2012. As the students of JNV Jammu-I are dotted with budding and talented singers, through this competition these singers got a chance to put their best foot forward. They recited the poems in such a way that it touched every body’s heart.

Inter House Cleanliness Competition :

Inter House Cleanliness Competitions were held on 23rd April, 21st May, 6th August, 10th September 24th September and 28 January 2012. A lot of improvement has been noticed in the boy’s hostels. They are gradually developing sprit of competition and not only clean but decorate their houses as well. The girl’s houses are found extraordinary during these competitions.

Class Wise Co-Curricular Activities :

Apart from the above mentioned activities, fortnightly Class wise and subject wise CCA was conducted to make the teaching and learning process more effective, innovative and interesting. The detail is given below:

Sr. No Subject Activity
01 Maths 1. Maths Quiz Competitions
2. Formula Writing Competition on Black Board
3. Model Making Competitions.
4. Chart making Competition
02 English 1. English Quiz Competitions
2. Poem Recitation Competition
3. Paper Reading Competitions
4. Role Play (Jr. Group)
1. 03
2. 04
1. Science
2. S.Sci.
1. Science Quiz Competitions
2. Declamation Contest
3. Seminars
4. S.Science Quiz Competition
5. Seminars

Janamashtami Celebration :

India is a land of unity in diversity where different religions are respected & revered by all. This year “Janam Ashtami” was celebrated on 10th August with full enthusiasm and devotion. The stage was decorated in a very nice manner with flowers, posters and pictures of Lord Krishna. Dances and House wise skits related to the life of Lord Krishna were presented by the students. They also presented soothing Bhajans related to Lord Krishna. At the end of the programme, Prashad was distributed among the staff and students.

Independence Day Celebrations :

Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp & show in the vidyalaya premises. In the morning flag was hosted by worthy Principal Sir. The students of JNV, Jammu participated in March Past and presented a dance.

Inter House Painting Competition :

An Inter House Drawing and Painting Competition was held on 18th August 2012 the students painted beautiful landscapes charming sceneries and colorful.

Teacher's Day Celebrated :

5th Sept, 2012, the Teachers’ day was celebrated in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Distt Jammu, highlighting historical importance and contribution of teachers in making progressive, morally and spiritually elevated society and integrating country through missionary and dedicated services of the teachers towards the society. In the vidyalaya, morning assembly was started with garlanding of the portrait of Late Dr. Radhakrishanan as a tribute in the memory of the great leader and ideal teacher.

The students presented colourful cultural programme related to teachers.

Hindi Pakhwara celebrations(14 – 28 september,2012) :

Hindi Pakhwara from 14 September to 28 September was celebrated in the vidyalaya to spread its importance as well as need in the country where English language is favoured against Rashtriya Bhasha. Several activities were conducted like Hindi Declamation, Poem Recitation, One act play, essay writing, Patriotic song , Debate etc. On the closing day some eminent local personalities were also called so that they also realize and stress in their concerned departments the use of national language. They also shared their views with children and the vidyalaya staff.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration (2nd October,2012) :

In the Words of Lord Mountbetten, “India indeed the world will not see a man like Gandhi perhaps for many centuries” On 2nd October, two eminent and revolutionary personalities had emerged on the land of India. 2nd October is observed as International Day of Non-Violence. JNV, Jammu observed this day as a special day and organized various programme with great pomp and show. The following activities were conducted to commemorate the day:

Details of the activities :
1. Shram Daan by the students of the vidyalaya by way of cleaning the vidyalaya Campus and the surroundings.
2. One Act Play related to the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Plays were based on theme of Gandhism and spirit of nationalism.
3. Speeches were delivered by students in which they highlighted the fact that one should follow the path of non-violence and they impressed upon the fact that whatever a man becomes or, aim for in his life, it is only the result of his thoughts. So, if we want to achieve heights in life, we need to think well and should always be positive in nature.

After the Completion of all the activities, Principal delivered her valuable views on Gandhi Ji and Lal Bahadur Sharstri. She acquainted the students with the philosophies of two great personalities. The result of the Inter House One Act Play was declared. In this way the day was celebrated with full enthusiasm & spirit.


An Inter House Math Quiz Competition was held on 26th October 2012. The programme conducted very smoothly. A variety of question were ask the students and the students were well prepared and performed good. The competition was neck to neck fight.


An Inter house poem recitation competition in Punjabi was held on 09.11.2012.On the whole, it was a highly interesting programme.

GURUPARVA CELEBRATIONS( 28th November 2012) :

Guruparva was celebrated with great pomp & show in the vidyalaya premises. An Inter-House Shabad Competition was held on on 28th Nov2012. at 10:30 am.All the houses were fully prepared . Arrangements were made for “Sukhmani Sahib Path”. It was followed by Bhajans & Shabad. Prashad was distributed among the staff and students.

Report On Republic Day Celebrations - 26 January 2012 :

Republic day was celebrated with great pomp & show in the vidyalaya premises.In the morning the principal hoisted the flag that was followed by patriotic songs and speeches by the student and teachers regarding importance of the day. The students presented colorful cultural programme.


Basant Panchmi was celebrated with zeal and zest.The day dawned with lighting lamp and insence sticks. The students and the staff worshipped ‘goddess Saraswati’. The students were glad and enjoyed the programme.

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